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Make knowledgeable choices regarding your health insurance via Sentinel One Health. Find affordable healthcare plans in Texas and choose the best medical package for you and your family.

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Our professional and licensed insurance experts work with leading carriers to provide you with the most affordable low-cost health insurance in Texas. Sentinel One Health offers a variety of plans to choose from, ranging from simple to unique. Some plan types allow the usage of different medical practitioners and facilities. Others restrict your choices or charge more.

Sentinel One Health is affiliated with several health insurance providers. Enjoy benefits and coverage from affordable healthcare plans in Texas.

What We Do

A health benefit plan is synonymous with health insurance. Health insurance shields you from paying hefty medical fees if you become sick or injured and need to visit a doctor. It offers preventive care, such as wellness checkups, vaccinations, and screening exams. You can maintain your health and avert any drastic issues through these services.

Your insurance provider will charge you a regular amount known as a premium when choosing a private health insurance plan. The cost of the premium is crucial because it gives you a chance to get medical coverage. With Sentinel One Health, you can avail the following facilities.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Finding health insurance coverage might be challenging if you have pre-existing problems. Sentinel One Health can provide the best health insurance for pre-existing conditions in Texas. To compare various plans and select, our knowledgeable, certified insurance agents can assist.


Prescription drugs can be costly, which is why insurance plans provide coverage for medications. Experts at Sentinel One Health help individuals locate a beneficial healthcare plan that includes pharmaceutical coverage. Connect with us, and we’ll walk you through the procedure.

Mental Health Services

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act mandates that insurance policies should offer affordable mental health services in Texas. If your insurance plan pays for outpatient care, inpatient stays, prescription medicines, and other medical care, it should also pay for mental health treatments.

Birth Control

These services are designed to safeguard people’s health and advance population health. Sentinel One Health provides facilities for vaccinations, advice on alcohol and cigarette use, cancer and other condition testing, contraception for women, and birth control covered by insurance in Texas.

Other Essential Benefits

Sentinel One Health collaborates with the largest insurance companies to offer a variety of essential benefits. We are here to assist you in understanding the process and ensuring a favorable outcome. Other benefits include:

  • Laboratory services
  • Outpatient care
  • Emergency services
  • Pediatric services

Healthcare for All

Life is precious for every soul. That’s why an insurance policy is necessary. Whether you are an individual who requires medical coverage for a complicated injury, we can help you select a suitable plan. Those who qualify receive financial aid to help with health insurance costs, making it simpler to maintain a budget.

Depending on the policy you choose, the size of your family, and your household’s income, the price of a health insurance plan in Texas will change. Your monthly health insurance rates will increase for each family member added to your policy by a specific amount depending on their age.

In Texas, adding children to a Silver plan costs $352, whereas insuring a 40-year-old adult adds $589 to the premium. A health plan would cost a family of five $705 more monthly than a family of three.


State law in Texas does not force residents to obtain health insurance but the government emphasizes getting health insurance in Texas. Texas has one of the highest enrollment rates in the nation for health insurance on the federal exchange.
Texans can apply for health insurance through private insurers or the federal exchange during open enrollment. You can enroll if you require coverage after open registration.
A 40-year-old purchasing a Silver plan in Texas will pay $589 on average for health insurance in 2023. However, the price of health insurance may vary based on factors including your region, age, and level of coverage.
Private health insurance benefits include hospitalization in a private facility and reduced out-of-pocket expenses when visiting specialists like the dentist, optometrist, or physiotherapist. Benefits and level of returns, however, differ depending on the health insurance provider and their rules.
Members pay an annual premium to their health insurance company so that the insurer can afford medical care. Health insurance charges may rise due to these benefits.