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Access to health care is one of the key factors influencing health, environment and behavior. Sentinel One Health places a high priority on taking care of its customers. We have created an online insurance platform for new and regular patients in Tennessee. Individuals with pre-existing conditions are also eligible.

Sentinel One Health Services in Tennessee?

You are as unique as your healthcare requirements and finances. Our plans are varied and beneficial for individuals with different income levels. Whether you are an individual who requires emergency coverage or undergoing long-term injury, we provide the best health insurance for pre-existing conditions in Tennessee.

Our professionals and licensed healthcare providers work with leading carriers to discover affordable healthcare plans in Tennessee. Whether you prefer a conventional or unique health insurance plan, we offer a vast selection for you to pick from. Get the best coverage at affordable pricing.

Healthcare Insurance in the Tennessee Market

Numerous tiers are used to categorize healthcare insurance in the Tennessee market. Catastrophic and Bronze plans often have the lowest premium costs but the highest deductibles. All health insurance plans adhere to national and state regulations, but each has advantages and disadvantages.

Catastrophic: Plans with catastrophic benefits have the lowest potential coverage levels, significant out-of-pocket expenses, and high deductibles. Individuals experiencing financial difficulties can opt for a catastrophic plan. However, these plans don’t provide many benefits but can save you from paying thousands of dollars in medical debt in an emergency.

Bronze: Bronze plans provide higher benefits and have fewer out-of-pocket expenses. They are optimal for those who require medical attention and seek a low-cost policy to cover their expenses in urgent situations.

Expanded Bronze: The expanded Bronze plan features lower out-of-pocket expenses than the Bronze plan and more coverage. It is more expensive than catastrophic or Bronze policies but less expensive than other options.

Silver: Although Silver plans have monthly premiums, they have fewer out-of-pocket expenses than Catastrophic, Bronze, and extended Bronze policies.

Gold:  Gold plans can be much more expensive than the lower-tier alternatives, but individuals can avail lower deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. However, selecting a Gold plan can help you save money for an emergency.

You are eligible for affordable plans or extensive coverage depending on your income level. You can qualify for premium tax credits if your income is between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty line. A two-person household in Tennessee that earns between $17,420 and $69,680 per year is eligible for these credits.

Benefits and Costing of Healthcare Insurance

Health insurance protects against the crippling financial effects of unanticipated health issues or life-threatening illnesses. Your monthly health insurance premium depends on the number of individuals and their ages. Children under 15 are entitled to flat-rate, cheaper health insurance premiums.

For instance, the typical monthly health insurance premium in Tennessee for a family of three, assuming two parents who are 40 years old and a child, is $1,386. The average cost of a Silver health plan rises by $319 for every additional child, making a family of four’s premium average $1,705 per month.

Over the last year, the average price of a health insurance plan in Tennessee has increased by 4%, or $19 per month. With prices rising 13% since 2022, bronze plans experienced a fall in average cost.


In most states, age affects how much an individual’s ACA insurance will cost. Since older consumers often require more medical services, their rates are higher. However, insurance carriers must comply with state and federal restrictions on age-based premium increases.
The insurance company values age and marks it as a critical factor in making a policy. New York and Vermont are the states that do not factor age into health insurance pricing. According to local, state, or federal laws, insurance costs vary depending on where you reside and how old you are.
To guarantee coverage, you must enroll in the Affordable Care Act in Tennessee before December 15, 2022. If not, you can sign up for a health insurance plan through the marketplace until January 15, 2023.
The price varies depending on gender, age, zip code, location, and other factors.
According to research, over 200,000 individuals were enrolled in insurance plans in 2018. The numbers have increased since then. Insurance companies in Tennessee make use of the federally facilitated health insurance marketplace. Opt for Sentinel One Health to help evaluate plans and assess your eligibility for subsidies and cost-share reductions.