Sentinel One Health is a healthcare insurance agency that provides customized health coverage plans to families in Wisconsin. Our experienced and licensed insurance agents work with top carriers across the state to find the most suitable plan for each family. We take time to understand our client’s needs and preferences to recommend an appropriate health insurance plan.

Sentinel One Health offers a variety of options, including traditional health insurance plans and innovative health-sharing plans. With partnerships with top carriers, we ensure our clients receive the best coverage at an affordable price.

Why You Need Health Insurance in Wisconsin

Health insurance is essential for various reasons, such as:

Protects Against High Medical Costs

Health insurance helps cover unexpected medical expenses such as hospital stays, treatments, surgeries, and doctor visits.

Maintains Financial Stability

Without insurance, unexpected medical bills can cause significant financial strain. Health insurance helps maintain financial stability in the face of unexpected medical expenses.

Improves Access To Healthcare

Health insurance gives individuals access to preventive care and early treatment options, which can improve overall health and well-being.

Offers Peace Of Mind

Financial protection against unforeseen events provides peace of mind, reduces stress, and alleviates pain and suffering.

How Health Insurance Works

With rising healthcare expenditures, insurance coverage has become a necessity for everyone. A single doctor’s visit can cost hundreds of dollars, depending on the type of facility availed. Opting for a reliable firm can help individuals reduce their financial burden. Health insurance offers a risk-free option for individuals to manage their future.

After an individual has signed up for an insurance plan, they need to pay premiums (monthly payments). This helps to share risk with other individuals (enrollees) who provide similar payments; the premiums are used to cover the expenses of other enrollees who get injured or sick. Insurance companies offer various plans regarding different situations, such as emergencies, accidents, cognitive disabilities, and more.

Insurance Terms & Concepts


Participants may have to pay a deductible before insurance coverage begins. The deductible is a set amount paid out of pocket each year. The amount may vary from plan to plan, allowing participants to choose the most affordable option for their specific needs.


Copays are set amounts individuals pay for different medical services once the deductible has been met for the current year.


Once the deductible is met, insurance coverage begins. If the participant has co-insurance, they will be responsible for a portion of their medical bills while the insurance plan manages the rest.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Individuals need to pay for over a year. The insurance plan will cover 100% of their medical bills if the person reaches their maximum amount.

How an Insurance Plan Benefits Individuals

A health insurance plan benefits individuals by providing affordable coverage for medical expenses. With a wide range of options, individuals and families can select a plan that best fits their needs. Following are some benefits of an insurance plan:

  • Payment of losses
  • Managing cash flow issues
  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Promote risk control activity


Monthly premiums are based on various parameters, such as age, location, and other factors. Please get in touch with us for specific pricing information.
According to Affordable Care Act (ACA), an insurance company cannot deny coverage or charge higher premiums because of pre-existing conditions. Once you have insurance, a firm cannot refuse to cover treatment. Insurance plans cover pre-existing conditions for individuals and small group markets. To avail the best health insurance for pre-existing conditions, contact Sentinel One Health, the premium insurance company for your needs.
The maximum out-of-pocket cost depends on the plan; it ranges from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands per year.
In Wisconsin, the network of healthcare providers for each plan varies. Sentinel One Health offers a network of trusted individuals, including hospitals, doctors, and specialists, who provide services at reduced rates. We also encourage you to check with the provider before scheduling an appointment.
Mental health coverage is included in different insurance plans. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires insurance firms to provide affordable mental health services in Wisconsin accessible to insured individuals. It includes coverage for a range of mental health services, such as counseling, therapy, and psychiatric care. However, the specifics of the coverage, including copays and deductibles, vary depending on the specific plan.
Birth control is covered under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in Wisconsin. The plan includes birth control pills, injections, intrauterine devices (IUDs), and other methods of contraception.
Premium tax credits are financial assistance provided by the government to help eligible individuals in Wisconsin pay for health insurance.