Affordable Healthcare Plans Ohio

Sentinel One Health provides affordable, recognized health insurance policies that can be used to pay for prescription costs, surgical procedure fees, or other healthcare costs.

Do you need the best health insurance for pre-existing conditions OH, we have you covered. Here’s what our insurance plans cover

  1. Life Security
  2. Medical Expense Coverage
  3. Demise Subsidies
  4. Consultancy & Life Planning
  5. Tax Money Savings
  6. Easy Loan Acquisition
  7. Affluent Salary Bonuses
  8. Exclusive Healthcare programs

Reasons Why Residents of Ohio Choose Sentinel One Health

Affordable Healthcare Plans Ohio

People in Ohio have long faced difficulties obtaining health insurance, particularly those with lower incomes. But the tide is turning – Sentinel One Health offers approved private healthcare plans no matter your financial standing. Affordable short-term and ACA options are available, so you can feel secure knowing you’re covered throughout Midwestern. There’s never been a better time to ensure you’re covered in the Midwestern state!

Cost-effective Customized health insurance programs OH

We offer comprehensive healthcare plans that comply with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

Affordable Medical Coverage Plans

We don’t charge excessive fees for our services. Pay your monthly premiums and take advantage of our advantages when the plan matures.

24/7 customer care

You can quickly contact our hospital representatives available round the clock via phone number or email.

Here’s How the Coverage Plan Expense Process Works

Navigating your way through government health insurance in Ohio can be costly, so why not go with Sentinel One Health? By putting down this coverage fee, you’ll gain access to timely healthcare amenities that could save money – and even lives!

Insurance Carrier Company

With Sentinel One Health, start navigating the complex world of insurance plans to find a reliable and affordable solution.


Our monthly premiums are paid to keep the insurance plan running. If you have a family medical plan, you must pay in full.


Without paying the healthcare deductible, you face a penalty or risk losing your coverage altogether.


Copayments are required for Ohio coverage of Obamacare healthcare service plans. It is a nominal fee paid to a doctor or physician during a routine check-up. Plus, you can also avail of affordable birth control health insurance in Ohio by paying copayments on a regular basis.


Coinsurance is a small portion of a medical plan’s cost. SOH provides the most comprehensive health insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions in OH with no security deposit.

Out-of-pocket Payments

If you pay your deductible, copays, and coinsurance in whole or in part, you are eligible for health insurance(s).

Affordable ACA-compliant Medical Care Programs for Ohio Residents

Most people have trouble locating a good healthcare plan, as government health insurance plans in Ohio have been abolished. Therefore, procedures for attaining coverage plans can be expensive and time-consuming. They require a trustworthy source to help them navigate the procedure. Here is where we come in – to help people gain easy access to budget-friendly medical coverages.

Sentinel One Health is among the best top-tier private health indemnification carriers to connect with in OH. It offers online insurance for pre-existing medical Ohio residents at unbelievably lowest prices.

The Metal Tier System – Categories & Packages

Government health insurance in Ohio

Many states in the US, including Ohio, have been plagued with minimal access to government health insurance. Fortunately for residents, Sentinel One Health is a healthcare provider dedicated to making medical coverage accessible and affordable through its tiered system of plans. With much-improved options available at different price points, anyone can take advantage of quality care without breaking the bank.

$261 To $704

Catastrophic – The Most Economical Health Insurance Plan

Age groups 21–39, 40–59, and 60 and older can get the best medical insurance plan for $261, $334, and $704.

Market HMO Young Adult Essentials – Southern Ohio is the most inexpensive catastrophic coverage. Its monthly cost is $226, while deductibles and maximum out-of-pocket costs are $9100 and 9100, respectively.


$397 To $1,078

Bronze –Suitable healthcare plan for youngsters and students

The Bronze tier begins from $397, $508, and $1,078.

SummaCare Bronze 8000 is a low-priced bronze-tier coverage plan for lower-middle-class and low-income individuals. Monthly rates range from $305 to $8000, and $9000 for deductible and out-of-pocket costs.


$521 To $1,380

Silver – High-income families and people with high-paid jobs or positions

Young, middle-aged, and older people can purchase the Silver healthcare plan for $521, $650, and $1,380, respectively.

SummaCare Silver 6000: Ohio residents can feel financially secure with this healthcare plan – boasting a $392 monthly cost and only a $200 deductible plus up to $1000 for out-of-pocket expenses.


$582 To $579

Gold – Those with higher healthcare bills

For youngsters born after 2001 (20 to 25 years old), millennials (those in their 30s), and older people, the Gold tier begins at $582, $744, and $1,579, respectively (elders).

Gold Classic – Standard (Select) Get medical coverage that pays in as little as 30 days with a deductible of $3500 and an out-of-pocket fee no higher than $6550 – exclusive to Ohio residents.


Affordable Medicaid Coverage in Ohio

Are you looking for a reliable, affordable healthcare plan in Ohio? Look no further! Sentinel One Health offers convenient coverage that fits your budget. Our medical coverage covers online insurance that Ohio citizens can confidently purchase for pre-existing medical conditions.

Contact our knowledgeable insurance brokers today to secure health insurance – we are just an email or call away!

Additional Healthcare Insurance Coverage Options

Dental Care Procedure

Visit the dentist for regular dental examinations, operations, and follow-up care for fillings, scaling, root canals, and tooth extractions, and let us handle your expenses.

Eye examination

Get weekly or monthly eye checkups after enrolling in the standard coverage plan, and save money on contact lenses and eyeglasses.

Seasonal Medical Insurance

Access affordable short-term medical insurance in New Hampshire, a cost-effective option for people with temporary medical care.

Extensive Health Care

Individuals with chronic diseases and injuries are the best candidates for such healthcare plans. It comprises nursing home facilities, rehabilitation center acceptance, home doctor services, and OPD care: X-rays, CTs, MRIs, dosage prescriptions, and nutritional organizers.


Most affordable healthcare plans in New Hampshire
Medicaid covers poor, low-income families, pregnant moms, and mentally ill people. Federal authorities, public campaigns, and NGOs approve it.

Long-Term Protection

Everyone who requires routine doctor visits or hospice recovery rehabilitation is eligible for this health insurance plan.

Vision Test

Sentinel One Health covers your well-being by letting you save money before purchasing eyewear, such as glasses and lenses.

Temporary Coverage Plans

Purchase a short-term insurance plan if you are an undergraduate or have recently relocated momentarily.

Medicare Coverage

This health insurance program bears hospital and medical care expenses. It includes private nursing, rehabilitation center costs, personal on-site physicians, X-ray, CT, MRI fees, and OPD evaluation costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because the federal government does not offer healthcare subsidies, people from Ohio can look for private insurance companies. Sentinel One Health provides premium healthcare plans at affordable prices. Contact our insurance agent for quotes on flexible and affordable pricing.
It's easy to enroll in a healthcare program; just complete and submit the enrollment form. Visit the office of a private insurer to submit an application for medical insurance programs, or get in touch with a Sentinel One Health Medicaid agent. We offer first-rate healthcare options for low-income families and those suffering from chronic illnesses.
A. The most economical healthcare insurance plan ranges from $178 to $190 monthly. The 3 major insurance plans are listed below: Bronze - $178 to $190 Silver - $150 to $210 Gold - $200 - $280 The costs vary according to the person's age, gender, profession, zip code, marital status, and other factors.
A health insurance plan costs between $482 and $500. The three standard levels of health insurance premiums are given below: Bronze - $460 - $500 Silver - $520 - $580 Gold - $590 - $650
The federal government assists the public through its state-run health programs. Using, you can sign up and pick a suitable insurance plan. Analyze plans and prices, as well as eligibility requirements and subsidy ratings.
You can apply for ACA-compliant medical coverage from November 1 to January 15 or even longer in some instances. Beneficial programs are also available during this period for those requiring medical coverage for pregnancy, post-military life after 50 years old, or recovering from a tragedy.