Affordable Healthcare Plans North Dakota Citizens Endorse

Health insurance is necessary for individuals. But not everyone can afford it – or acquire it, to be precise. Sentinel One Health offers health insurance plans for families, employees, and individuals with special needs.

We provide the best online health insurance cover prescriptions North Dakotans can obtain. Every individual, irrespective of their education, income, social class, background, or societal status can avail a tailored insurance plan.

Health Coverage Plans for North Dakotans

Hiring a licensed health care professional in North Dakota is challenging. But now, it’s a convenient option. Numerous insurance companies have entered the industry, developing customized health insurance plans for everyone.

Connect with Sentinel One Health and opt for a custom-made plan. Below are some benefits related to insurance policies:

  1. Life Damage Coverage
  2. Medical Expense Recompense
  3. Post-death Compensations
  4. Life Counsel
  5. Tax Leniencies
  6. Loan procurement
  7. Salary Incentives
  8. Exclusive Health Care Gratuities

Here’s Why Sentinel One Health is the Perfect Option for North Dakota Residents

Get a beneficial health insurance package from Sentinel One Health, the best insurance agency in North Dakota. Contact our insurance agent for a customized health insurance plan today.

  1. Acquire Personalized Care

Birth control covered by insurance North Dakota residents can avail without any issues. Get a plan for accidents, surgical procedures, and other complications. Connect with Sentinel One Health, the best company in the insurance sector.

  1. Budget-friendly Welfare Programs

At Sentinel One Health, you can get economical estimates for premium and ACA-compliant healthcare packages. Online insurance for pre-existing medical North Dakota residents is easy to avail.

  1. 24/7 Certified Professionals Support

Our representatives and expert agents are available round the clock to assist you. Get in touch for more information.

The Health Insurance Process: How does it work?

Getting medical aid is costly and out-of-reach for some individuals. This factor propels insurance companies to develop a reliable health coverage plan. All private insurers and insurance agencies have laws, rules, and strategies which are applied for attaining timely results. Residents avail affordable mental health services North Dakota companies offer.


A premium is given to the insurance company to keep the healthcare plan in continuation. These payments are basic sources of income for the insurance company; they use the amount to pay for claims.


It is paid by the policyholder for a complete year to get full-scale health coverage incentives. For instance, paying a $1,500 deductible for 365 days entitles an individual to a $3000 medical procedure.


Copay is a small amount that must be paid for a doctor’s visit. This contribution is part of affordable healthcare plans North Dakota residents can afford.


Coinsurance is a part of the total amount spent on managed care, hospital bills, or operations. Online insurance for pre existing medical North Dakota residents is easy to avail.

Out-of-pocket Maximum

The maximum amount that one needs to pay for healthcare services. This amount provides an individual with protection from major expenses.

Affordable Care Act Healthcare Programs for Individuals and Families

Sentinel One Health is one of the best private insurance companies in the USA. We work with different carriers to provide individuals and families with top-rated insurance plans. In addition, we also provide short-term coverage, dental and vision insurance, and small business plans. Sentinel One Health offers affordable healthcare plans North Dakota residents can avail easily.

Sentinel One Health – Managing Insurance Plans with Diligence

Opting for the best metal tier system isn’t easy. The absence of state-run insurance makes life hectic and problematic, especially for blue-collar workers and common individuals. Sentinel One Health offers insurance plans for North Dakota residents. Connect with our insurance agent for more information.

Catastrophic – Affordable plans for everyone

The monthly cost for a standard medical plan starts from $164-$173 per month. However, deductible and out-of-pocket costs can reach $9,100.

Bronze – For students and healthy individuals

This tier starts from $260. It is ideal for individuals with sound health. Deductible fees account for $7,000 for the full year, while out-of-pocket expenses cross $9000.

Silver – For individuals with high incomes

The top-tier healthcare plan starts from $426 a month with deductible and out-of-pocket spending of $4,750 and $9,100 respectively.

Gold – For business class and higher medical expenses

This insurance tier is cheaper than its silver counterpart, starting from $401-$412 monthly. Its deductible and out-of-pocket costs are lower than the Silver plan – $1,750 and $8,450 respectively.

Do you need ACA or Premium Health Insurance Plan in North Dakota?

If you’re looking for budget-friendly medical care programs, you’re at the right place. Sentinel One Health is a leading private insurance firm that provides affordable healthcare plans North Dakota individuals can opt for. We provide ACA-compliant, and federal-exchange Medicaid plans to low-income families.

Different Healthcare Options

Oral Hygiene Care

Visit the dentist for routine dental check-ups, procedures, and follow-ups for fillings, scaling, root canals, and tooth extractions.

Eyesight Check-up

After availing the standard coverage plan, get weekly or monthly eye check-ups. You can save money on eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Short-term Medical Coverage

Avail short-term medical plans at reasonable prices. It is an affordable solution for individuals looking for healthcare in provisional periods.  These plans are not required to meet standards set by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Extensive Care

This health care plan is ideal for individuals with chronic illnesses and injuries. It includes nursing home facilities, rehabilitation center acceptance, home doctor services, OPD care: X-rays, CTs, MRI, dose prescriptions, and dietary planners.


Medicaid insurance plans are ratified by the federal government, public-run campaigns, and NGOs. Medicaid coverages are generally for destitute individuals, low-income families, pregnant mothers, and people with mental problems.

Long Term Coverage

This health insurance plan is open to individuals who need regular medical checkups or hospital visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

North Dakota residents can avail ACA-compliant Obamacare plan easily. You can seek private insurers or check affordable ACA-compliant insurance plans. Sentinel One Health offers some of the best insurance plans on the market.
Citizens of North Dakota can apply for health insurance programs during on and off season. To purchase health insurance, an individual needs to connect with a reliable insurance company or agent.
The lowest priced health insurance plan for residents of North Dakota range from $187 to $199 per person. Below are some estimates:
Bronze - $187 - $199
Silver - $212
Gold - $242 - $260
Apply on Sentinel One Health’s website or contact an insurance agent. Your Medicaid program will be determined by your age, gender, region, zip code, etc.
Citizens in North Dakota can pay an amount between $462 and $480. Following are health care plans’ prices for residents of North Dakota:
Bronze - $462
Silver - $600
Gold - $615 - $630
You can select any tier by contacting our representative through call or email. It depends on individual or family demographic information: age, gender, locality, marital status, occupation, zip code, etc.
The Midwestern US state has no physical marketplace where locals can visit and purchase health insurance plans. Residents of North Dakota can apply on the federal-run exchange website, or people can seek healthcare assistance from private insurers or certified agents.
You must comply with's enrollment criteria to receive medical coverage. Normally, open enrollment runs from November 1 to January 15. Check out the special registration window if you still need to enroll in the ACA plan. You'll find customized healthcare plans for individuals who have gone through a major life-changing event.