Sentinel One Health – The Best Healthcare Insurance Company in North Carolina

Affordable Healthcare Plans North Carolina Citizens Can Avail

Healthcare insurance is the perfect backup plan for future financial complications. Sentinel One Health offers low-cost and certified health insurance plans, applicable for medical bills, fees for surgical interventions, or other healthcare expenses.

Rewards and Relief for a Healthy Living

Sentinel One Health is an independent private US health care insurance company that works closely with nationwide US insurance firms and notable private carriers. Our aim is to provide insurance to every individual, irrespective of race, caste, or creed. Get the right coverage plans for your needs:

  1. Indemnity for Life Damage
  2. Medical Expense Repayment
  3. Death Reimbursement
  4. Life Mentorship
  5. Tax Immunities
  6. Quick Loans’ Accessibility
  7. Salary bonuses
  8. Special privileges for health care

Top Reasons Why Residents of North Carolina Opt for Sentinel One Health

For low-income families, obtaining online insurance in the Southeastern state was impossible. However, Sentinel One Health changed the dynamics completely. It offers certified private coverage, irrespective of financial conditions to individuals or groups. Some affordable healthcare plans North Carolina residents can avail are Medicaid, short-term insurance, ACA-compliant, and tier-based.

– We provide personalized health insurance programs

SOH provides health care plans in accordance with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

– Our insurance agents offer affordable insurance packages

We don’t impose a high fee for our services. Pay your monthly premiums and avail our benefits after the plan matures.

– Round-the-clock customer care

At Sentinel One Health, health insurance consultants can be reached via phone or email.

Here’s How the Coverage Plan Expense Process Works

Obtaining government health insurance in North Carolina can be an overpriced miscalculation. Stay safe and connect with Sentinel One Health.

Your Medical Insurance Advisor

Finding a reputable business is the first step to acquire an affordable insurance plan. A reliable insurance agent can provide consultation services, develop coverage plans, and more.


It’s a monthly fee paid to keep the insurance plan viable. If you have a family medical plan, a full payment is necessary.


It is the amount paid for healthcare services till the insurance plan doesn’t commence. Failure of deductible payment leads to a penalty or an irreversible coverage abolition.


Obamacare care services North Carolina coverage plans include copayments. It is a small payment made to a doctor or physician after a regular check-up.


Coinsurance is a small percentage paid from a health plan. SOH provides the best health insurance for pre existing condition NC’s coverage with down payments.

Out-of-pocket Settlements

You are entitled to health insurance if your deductible, copays, and coinsurance are paid in full or partial amount(s).

Reasonable priced ACA-compliant Medical Care Programs for Residents of North Carolina

Most people struggle to find a suitable healthcare plan. It’s a process that can be costly and time-consuming. They need a reliable source to guide them through the process. That’s where we step in.

Sentinel One Health positions itself among top-tier private insurance carriers. It provides exceptional online insurance for pre existing medical North Carolina clients and blue-collar workers. Get in touch for an affordable health insurance plan.

The Metal Tier System – Categories & Examples

Like other US states, the southeastern region of the USA provides inadequate federal exchange coverages. Government health insurance in North Carolina is practically non-existent. But credit to Sentinel One Health and its affordable healthcare plans.

Below is the tier system that Sentinel One Health relies on:

Catastrophic – An affordable health insurance plan

The cheapest medical coverage plan is available at $261, $334, and $704 for age-group 21-39, 40-59, and 60 above.

  1. Blue Local Catastrophic 9100 is the most inexpensive catastrophic coverage.

Bronze – The best insurance plan for students and individuals

The Bronze tier starts from $397, $508, and $1,078. The age bracket is the same as the Catastrophic tier.

  1. Blue Local Bronze 7000 is an inexpensive bronze tier, especially for low-income individuals.

Silver – Ideal for people with high-paying jobs and business class

The Silver healthcare plan start from $521, $666, and $1,414 for young, middle-aged, and older.

  1. Blue Local Silver Preferred 3100 is the best low-priced health care coverage program for upper-middle-class individuals.

Gold – Individuals with higher medical expenses

The Gold tier starts from $582, $744, and $1,579 for Gen-Z (20-25 years old), millennials (persons in their 30s), and baby boomers (elders).

  1. Blue Local Gold 1800 is the best first-class insurance coverage for business individuals and well-off families.

Affordable Care Act Medicaid Programs in North Carolina?

Are you pursuing affordable healthcare plans North Carolina private insurers have to offer? – Well, we have some good news for you. Sentinel One Health is the perfect place to get a feasible health insurance plan. So, what are you waiting for? Contact SOH-licensed coverage brokers via call or email.

Other Healthcare Insurance Coverage Options

Dental Checkups

Regular teeth inspection, fillings, extractions, and even root canals are part of your ACA-compliant Medicaid program.

Eyesight Examination

Save money before you start buying eyewear, such as glasses and lenses. Sentinel One Health has got you covered.

Short-Term Coverage Plans

If you’re a student or an individual who has moved temporarily to another place, avail the short-term insurance plan.

Medicare Program

This health coverage program is used for hospital and medical care expenses. It covers private nursing, rehabilitation center charges, home doctor services, X-ray, CT scan, MRI, OPD assessment fees, and more.


A government-backed coverage plan that supports low-income and underprivileged individuals and groups.

Long Term Coverage

People who pay extravagant hospital bills and expensive medicine can opt for long-term insurance plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

The residents of North Carolina can seek private insurance providers because the federal government does not provide healthcare subsidies. Sentinel One Health offers top-notch healthcare packages at reasonable costs. Connect with our insurance agent for flexible and cheap pricing quotes.
Exclusive federal exchange programs are available. Applying for a healthcare program is simple; fill out and submit the enrollment form. Apply for medical programs at a private insurer’s office or contact Sentinel One Health’s licensed Medicaid agents. We provide excellent healthcare solutions for low-income families and people with chronic illnesses.
The most affordable healthcare plan starts from $178 to $190. Below are three major insurance policies:
Bronze - $178 - $190
Silver - $226
Gold - $314
The aforementioned health plan pertains to average cost. However, the prices depend on the person’s age, gender, occupation, zip code, marital status, and other details.
Obtaining a health insurance plan costs $482 to $500. Below are three standard levels of health insurance packages.
Bronze - $482 - $500
Silver - $580 - $600
Gold - $700 - $750
The federal government facilitates the citizens via its state-run health programs. You can enroll through and choose a suitable coverage plan. Compare plans and costs and evaluate subsidy scores and eligibility factors.
You can purchase insurance plans as a single entity or group during the open season. It usually runs from November 1 to January 15 – but can extend further due to excess customers. There are special occasions when you can apply for healthcare programs—for example, having a baby, turning 50, undergoing a tragic incident, and more.