Sentinel One Health – providing affordable healthcare plans in nebraska

Affordable Healthcare Plans Nebraskans Can Opt For

Sentinel One Health is a privately owned insurance company in the USA. Inspired by the March 2010 Obama’s signed Affordable Care Act, SOH is determined to provide insurance to low-income employees, disabled, pregnant women, and other individuals.

Sentinel One Health paves the way for a safe future. Individuals and working-class families with low-slung earnings can benefit from optimal healthcare programs, including Medicare and Medicaid. Acquire the best health insurance for pre-existing condition NE today.

Health Care Insurance – A Boon for Every Individual

Sentinel One Health understands the needs of every individual. At the same time, it acknowledges the equitable sharing of healthcare facilities. Every Nebraskan can avail health care insurance via dedicated SOH healthcare plans.

  • Life Risk Protection
  • Medical Expense Settlement
  • Death Compensations
  • Tax Exemptions
  • Life Plan Consultancy
  • Easy loan acquisition
  • Reliable incentive plans
  • Specialized Healthcare cases

Sentinel One Health Medical Care Programs – A Boon for Nebraskans

Finding little to no cost healthcare Nebraska state-run programs is difficult. At Sentinel One Health, customized plans can alleviate your financial problems.

– Personalized Healthcare Programs

We offer certified ACA-compliant health care plans as per your health and welfare needs.

– Pocket-friendly Insurance Plans

We don’t ask for extra fees. Instead, you have to pay for credible health insurance programs.

– 24/7 Customer Support

Contact our smart insurance agents via call or email.

How Do Healthcare Programs Cover Expenses and Offer Benefits?

Medical aid covers a range of ailments, including long-term disability, and chronic diseases. A person can receive their due amounts after a calamitous incident. Below are six factors that relate to healthcare insurance:

Insurance Provider

Choose a government-back insurance provider or company that fits your budget. Sentinel One Health is an excellent option for a low-cost healthcare insurance plan.


Premium is the amount paid for healthcare coverage. Irrespective of your needs, it should be paid every month.


A deductible is a payment for treatment or medication. Government healthcare insurance plan Nebraska residents can opt for deductibles; the value of their contributions reduces.


Copay is a flat fee paid for a visit to a medical practitioner. It is a cost-sharing method for attaining certain health-oriented services. However, a copay is necessary for certain insurance plans.


It’s a small percentage of the entire medical prescription or procedure. For example, you can pay a 10% coinsurance ($400) for a $4000 operation after meeting the allocated deductible amount.

Out-of-pocket Maximum

The maximum amount paid for covered services in a year. The rest of the amount is managed through the insurance plan.

Inexpensive ACA-activated Coverage Plans for Nebraskans

Affordable low cost health insurance for Nebraskans was not possible till Sentinel One Health arrived on the market. Now, every individual can avail healthcare benefits through subsidized and customized plans. Online insurance for pre existing medical Nebraskans is easy to avail.

If you need low-risk health coverage, opt for Sentinel One Health. Our insurance plans are designed according to your financial situation. Connect with our experienced team to discuss your insurance plan.

Medical Coverage Plans in Nebraska – The Tier System


This level offers adequate affordable healthcare plans Nebraska individuals can afford. Below are specified age groups and average fees for a catastrophic insurance plan:

18-25 years – $246

26-39 years – $275

40-49 years – $344

50-59 years – $480

60+ years – $730

Expanded Bronze

This plan is not an affordable low cost health insurance Nebraskans can manage. Yet, it’s an ideal investment for serious illnesses, accidents, and irredeemable tragedies.

18-25 years – $351

26-39 years – $394

40-49 years – $491

50-59 years – $686

60+ years – $1043


This tier includes deductibles, copays, coinsurance, and healthcare coverage. The Silver metal level is ideal for individuals requiring moderate medical reassurance throughout the year.

18-25 years – $498

26-39 years – $559

40-49 years – $698

50-59 years – $975

60+ years – $1481


In this tier, the premium monthly fee is higher than in catastrophic, expanded bronze, and silver metal tiers. Gold healthcare insurance is optimal for people and families anticipating medical check-ups and appointments.

18-25 years – $505

26-39 years – $567

40-49 years – $707

50-59 years – $988

60+ years – $1501

Are you looking for the best ACA-compliant Medical Coverage in Nebraska?

Sentinel One Health is the perfect choice for top-tier insurance and affordable healthcare plans Nebraska offers. We help low-income individuals and underprivileged households get the most out of Medicaid programs. Our main objective is to introduce medical care insurance to individuals who cannot bear healthcare costs.

Other Medical Benefits

Dental Care

Require scaling, fillings, routine teeth check-ups, or root canals, no problem! Connect with Sentinel One Health and avail the benefits.


Get coverage for regular visits to eye clinics. Save money for eyewear accessories, namely contact lenses and glasses.

Short-term Coverage

At Sentinel One Health, you can apply for health plans temporarily. These plans are available at reasonable prices.


Get a comprehensive healthcare insurance plan to reduce costs for intermittent medical procedures. Medicare coverage includes nursing facilities, hospice and home services, and outpatient care.


The federal government funds this coverage program, NGOs, or the public to bear the expenses of the underprivileged. Elderly, pregnant mothers, children, and people with mental illnesses are eligible for Medicaid.

Long Term Coverage

People who can pay for clinic visits and hospital expenses apply for long-term health coverage plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Obamacare or Affordable Care Act is no longer applicable to Nebraska residents. Several US states have developed insurance policies as a result.
Nebraska residents can apply for federal exchange plans, pursue private insurance or talk to certified healthcare agents. If any Nebraskan misses the submission deadline for the enrollment form, they can acquire a short-term coverage plan or gain access to special healthcare programs.
Medicaid plans are priced as low as $215-$220. However, they depend on a number of factors: Age, gender, qualification, occupation, zip code, etc.
Following are some medical care packages for Nebraskans:
Bronze - $215-$220
Silver - $292
Gold - $309
Nebraskans can pay $620 per person for a major health coverage plan. Below are some affordable healthcare plans:
Bronze - $620
Silver - $878
Gold - $886-$930 provides affordable options to Nebraskans, distinct from other state-run insurance plans and promises.
Nebraska's enrollment period for insurance coverage is synchronous with the government-subsidized insurance program since the state permits enrollment in ACA-compliant coverage. Open enrollment generally begins on November 1 and lasts until January 15. Do not worry if you’re late applying for the healthcare programs; you can apply for special Medicaid allotments.