Sentinel One Health is a well-known supplier of inexpensive healthcare programs. Our knowledgeable, licensed insurance agents consult with leading companies nationwide to find the package that best suits your family’s requirements.

Experience our Affordable Mental Health Services in Indiana

Experience our Affordable Mental Health Services in Indiana

Enhance Quality Care

Our professionals ensure high-quality care with affordable insurance plans tailor-made for your family’s needs.

Personal Attention

Attention is the utmost priority that customers require, especially when purchasing an insurance plan. Our agents provide the complete detail about the procedure, methods, and payouts.

Peace of Mind

Workers undergo a pre-employment screening procedure that includes a criminal background check and a physical test to check for infectious diseases.

Benefits of Affordable Care Act Insurance Online in Indiana

Health insurance renders financial security. Affordable healthcare plans in Indiana outline the services covered and the quantity of costs covered by the insurer. This is known as “cost-sharing.”


The deductible is the amount you must pay for any medical procedure before the insurance plan starts.


Copayments are predetermined sums you must pay for medical services. The remaining amount is paid under PPO and HMO plans.


After the deductible is met, the insured must pay a percentage of the cost linked to an expense. It is related to the total cost of care.

Maximum Out-of-Pocket Cost

You will be obliged to pay a certain amount for medical treatments during the plan year. After exceeding your out-of-pocket maximum under one of our inexpensive healthcare plans, you will be responsible for paying medical costs.

How It Works

We will determine your eligibility and assist you in finding the appropriate solution. Because pricing can vary depending on factors like deductibles, copayments, premiums, and provider networks, each insurance plan offers different benefits.

Our insurance agents will assist you in finding the care you require, whether it is general, urgent, or emergency care. Discover the choices you have. Choose the treatment by using our guide.

Our Affordable Health Care Plans for Indiana

Sentinel One Health can assist in alleviating healthcare and financial problems. We help you select an appropriate plan, whether you’re an individual who needs emergency coverage or recovery from a long-term injury. Pay your monthly premiums without any hassles and enjoy the benefits.

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Other Services


Teeth cleaning, fillings, and other complicated procedures are managed with our insurance plans.


It covers annual eye examinations. We provide affordable prices for glasses or contact lenses.

Quick Term

We provide short-term medical treatment plans. Easy to sign up and manage.


Healthcare services delivered in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, hospices, and private residences are covered by Part A. Part B offers reasonable monthly prices for outpatient treatments like doctor visits, x-rays, and preventative care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Indiana follows the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA), which no longer mandates a minimum level of health insurance. Health insurance has been exempt from legal requirements, yet it still helps limit unnecessary medical costs.
Citizens of Indiana can purchase a standard health insurance plan from private insurers during open enrollment or non-renewable short-term health insurance for up to six months of coverage.
The average cost per person for a major medical individual health insurance plan for Indiana residents is $589. Prices may vary.
With the federal government’s assistance, Indiana maintains a partnership exchange called Get Covered Indiana, which has a website, in-person support, and a help desk. All private health insurance plans offered in the marketplace are ACA-compliant; the plans follow the rules enforced by the federal government. The plans will cover the essential health benefits mandated by the ACA without annual or lifetime restrictions.